Examples of Visual Computing Areas

mouse embryo

Image Acquisition

Modern image acquisition methods allow a representation of all image structures at a high resolution, as one can see from this magnetic resonance image of a mouse embryo.

Cell 1HZ

Image Acquisition

Acoustic microscopy is an imaging method that allows to display mechanical properties such as cell stiffness on a micrometer scale.


Computational Geometry

Computational geometry belongs to the important foundations for computer graphics. This image shows a quadric.

hog deblurring

Image Analysis

Image processing deals with methods that transform a digital image into another one that is more useful for humans or computers. Deblurring a distorted image is a typical example.

global illumination

Global Illumination Effects

Global illumination effects increase the realism of computer generated scenes significantly. Caustics caused by specular or refractive objects are stunning visual effects, even more so in participating media, where volumetric caustics can be observed.

reflection editing

Reflection Editing

This image shows a user interface to edit reflections in a virtual 3D scene. This allows an artist to drag and drop reflections over a surface, until they fulfill an artistic goal.

scalable visualization

Scalable Visualization

One of the challenges in scientific visualization is to bring the ever growing and ever more complex data sets to the right people in time, while using a visualization metaphor tailored to those specific users.

forest simulation

Image Synthesis

One of the main goals of computer graphics is to create highly realistic simulations of our 3-D world, e.g. by sophisticated ray tracing methods.

Max Planck

From Real World Images to Synthetic Models

The Max Planck image shows the entire chain from image acquisition by a 3-D scanner over a surface representation to a realistic 3-D model.

visual CAPTCHA

Application to Internet Services

Images that can be understood by humans and not by computers avoid the misuse of internet services. Computer graphics and pattern recognition methods allow the synthesis and validation of such images.