International Master Programme of Study

Visual Computing

Saarland University

Why are Visual Representations Important ?

Visual imagery constitute the most important sensory information for humans. Therefore, more and more information is represented by digital images and visual simulations. This is apparent in numerous application fields including industrial quality control, medical imaging, driver assistance systems, robot navigation, multimedia systems, and computer games.

What is Visual Computing ?

The entire field of acquiring, analysing and synthesising visual data by means of computers is called visual computing. It requires a profound and interdisciplinary scientific knowledge, in particular in computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, and cognitive sciences.

Why is There a Specific Master Programme ?

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the full spectrum of visual computing cannot be addressed adequately within a traditional, monodisciplinary programme of study. This has triggered Saarland University to offer a novel interdisciplinary master programme that is entirely devoted to all aspects of visual computing. It includes classes and seminars on

  • image acquisition and geometric foundations
  • image analysis (image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition)
  • image synthesis (computer graphics, scientific visualisation, geometric modelling)
  • related fields such as telecommunications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, signal processing, computational linguistics, medical engineering, cognitive sciences
  • useful foundations in mathematics, computer science, physics, and mechatronics.

Who Can Apply ?

Visual Computing is a research-oriented international programme that can be studied entirely in English. The regular duration of studies is two years (four semesters). Students with a bachelor degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, mechatronics or a related field are invited to apply. International applications are very welcome.

What About the Job Perspectives ?

A Master of Science in Visual Computing is an internationally recognised degree. It offers excellent job perspectives in growth sectors such as machine vision, optical industry, medical imaging, automotive industry, robotics, surveillance, telecommunications, multimedia, computer games and media design.

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